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1. General questions
3. Android and iOS version

General questions

What is Jok-R-ummy?

Jok-R-ummy ® is a board game designed in Quebec by Jennick Games inc and is a variation of rummy. As many will tell you, Jok-R-ummy is the perfect pastime to liven up reunions with family and friends. There is no need to be an expert at games to appreciate Jok-R-ummy! Children and adults can gather around to play. To learn more about Jok-R-ummy, or to get your copy of the board game, visit for the standard version or for Junior and Travel versions.

What is the objective?

To complete 7 Program cards. Each one contains one or more programs that you can consider as contracts to fulfill (for example, a 4-card run and 3-of-a-kind). The first player to achieve 7 Program cards wins the game. In some versions, like the Travel edition or Jok-R-ummy for phones and tablets, the number of Program cards you must complete is 5.

Where can I get a copy of the rules?

Contact us on and we will send you a PDF copy.

Android and iOS version

How do Unlockable Program cards work? If I buy an extra pack does it apply to everyone in my game?

In Jok-R-ummy for Android and iOS, each player can access specific Program cards of a common pile. There are about 63 base Program cards for everyone, 2 packs of 60 exclusive VIP ones which you can buy (they apply to your account only), and 20 Unlockable by score. By playing, you get access to new Program cards which will add more variety to your games. The 20th and last unlockable Program cards is obtained when you reach the cumulative score of 288 000 points.

Can I play private games with friends?

Yes! Up to 4 players can join a game whether it's public or private. From the "Play" screen in the right section enter a secret word you and your friends have chosen in advance. It can be a player name as long as everyone enter the same one. The first player to join will have control over starting the game or making it public.

Where are the 2's from the original game? Also how many wilds are there?

For the sake of simplicity all 2's have been replaced by Jokers in the online game. So there is the same number of wilds as the original game, that is 12 on a total of 108 conventional cards.

How is the player's rating calculated?

Some Program cards seem too difficult.

If a Program card appears to be too difficult, make sure it's not mixed. An 8-card run in hearts and clubs for example is generally easier than a traditional 8-card run since you can mix in the two suits. The same goes for no wilds allowed VIP Programs combining two suits like the 4-card hearts and diamonds run.

After playing a game I got an option to watch an ad for bonus points, I chose not to, but as I quit the game an ad was shown. What's going on?

Ads that are watched voluntarily for points cannot be skipped, all other ads can be skipped after 5 seconds.

Are purchasable Program cards equally difficult to the Base and Unlockable cards?

Yes! The difficulty of the game is balanced so that no matter what program cards are purchased or unlocked, everyone has equal chances. Some "free program" cards (suns) art part of the purchasable packs.

Any good strategy and advice?

Happy gaming!